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    Use a free domain under and step your website online in minutes.

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    No need to pay extra. We run on fast and dedicated servers that are powered by 100% green energy.

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    Your blog comes with its very own SSL certificate that is ready within minutes.

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    Download your built website and host it wherever you want - no headaches garanteed.

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    Your blog and your posts are yours. blogstatic is just a tool that helps you run a hosted blog.

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    Everything is ready out of the box. You don't have to write a single line of code.

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    Your blog is constantly backed up in our servers for keeping your published content safe and secure.

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    We've taken care of on-site SEO so you can focus on your writing and ranking higher.

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    All pages automatically have all the fundamental SEO tags
  • Sitemap

    Your sitemap is automatically updated every time you publish a new page via

  • robots.txt

    Edit and change your robots.txt file to "Allow" or "Disallow" crawl-bots on any sections of your website.

  • RSS feed

    Your website comes with a ready-to-use RSS feed which others can use with their RSS readers.

  • Ligh & Dark mode out of the Box

    The easiest way to please all kinds of readers. Trying is believing:

  • Social icons

    Include any social network icons and external links where people can find more about you.

  • ToC

    With the Table of Content is automatically generated from your page content